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2013-09-04 11:59 pm

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Well, it's great to finally be back at school. They kept me longer than I expected they would...But! I suppose it's all necessary.

I'm glad I don't have to eat any more hospital food, heh.
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2013-06-29 05:42 pm
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[Nagito arrives at Sonia's room and knocks on the door, nervously. He really wants to try to reach out to more people at Hope's Peak, but he's not sure if he should be bothering people in their rooms. Still, he wasn't sure where else he would be able to approach her.]

Sonia-san? Do you have a moment?
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2013-06-02 12:50 am
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Hello everyone! My name is Nagito Komaeda. It's an honor to have been accepted here at this academy and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to study here with so many wonderful, talented people! I hope we all can become well acquainted.