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[Nagito arrives at Sonia's room and knocks on the door, nervously. He really wants to try to reach out to more people at Hope's Peak, but he's not sure if he should be bothering people in their rooms. Still, he wasn't sure where else he would be able to approach her.]

Sonia-san? Do you have a moment?

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[A book was set aside the moment she heard a knock, pausing any translation she had been doing in her reading.
Who was it...? Although she had never gotten on anybody's bad side it was impossible to approach situations like this without caution. Nobody had told her they'd be arriving, and she'd gotten no letters, nothing like that...]

[Still, she wasn't going to ignore it. All she could really do was pray while standing to smooth out her skirt, trotting to the door. Maybe if he opened it ajar, just so, she could peek out at who it was and minimize any risk of them bursting in...?
--No! She shouldn't have these kinds of thoughts, she trusted everybody here...!]

[The doorknob turned under her cold hand and she peered out the opening.] Komaeda-san...? [With that confirmation, Sonia gave a smile and stood straighter, allowing him inside with warmth. She could never bring herself to shun him.]


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